Chase Ross

trans activist, speaker, and YouTuber (uppercaseCHASE1) 

"A must-read for anyone who is trans or has trans family or friends. This book looks deep into the memories of a trans man before he realizes he was trans. Everyone experiences life differently, and everyone transitions differently, but Kergil shares so many relatable stories that are sure to have you laughing, crying, and nodding the whole way through. It is important to look at the lives of trans people outside of transition Before I Had the Words re-humanizes the trans experience."

Malcolm Ribot

FTM Traveler (@gorillashrimp)

"Before I Had the Words is a beautiful balance of relatable, coming of age storytelling, spreading awareness for some of what many members of our community go through, and a source of education for those in and out of our community. Getting to know Skylar on a deeper level in this way had me experiencing a full range of emotions throughout. With each page I turned, I laughed with him. I got angry with him for his mistreatment. I cried and shared in his joy and newfound peace and acceptance, and freedom from his feelings of isolation. All the while, his acknowledgments of the differences even within our community are paramount?we are all different. We are all human. This book is a must read on so many levels, and perfect for all ages." 


Reed Wetmore


"Before I Had the Words left me speechless. Skylar takes the reader on an emotional journey through navigating his place in the world during his gender transition. It is truly inspirational and highlights the uniqueness of one's path to their authentic self, a necessary narrative in today's world."

Katie Rain Hill

author of Rethinking Normal: A Memoir in Transition 

"Before I Had the Words is candid, relatable, light-hearted, and maybe a little bit queer! Skylar is amazing at drawing the reader into his world; inspiring and educational."